Friday, February 11, 2011

Angel Boy's Jobs

Everyone has to pull their weight around here and the 18 month old is no exception. Here are a few of his jobs:

1. Be cute
2. Eat
3. Make a mess
4. Sleep
5. Make more messes

He takes his jobs very seriously and is becoming very good at them.

Of course, his brother encourages him in hopes to move him into his ranks. Can't you just hear him? "That's veeery good, take ALL of mom's pots out, Look mom! Look what he's doing!!" I have to point out that what he is pulling out is a dutch oven. Do you have any idea how heavy those are?! I told you he is serious about his work.
  On to the next task, let's see.....oh yea! Toilet Paper!!
See how nice and neat of a pile he makes? All contained in one spot. So considerate, that boy.

"just doin' my job, mom, just doin' my job."
And how, you may ask, does he still maintain the "Angel Boy" status at this point?
All I have to do is look into these baby blues and my heart melts. Completely mush.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Night Out with Dee Dee

   My daddy has started a tradition with the girls of taking them to a Father/Daughter/Grandfather/granddaughter dance at the club where he is a member. A band is usually involved, or a DJ with a yummy buffet of food and a "special" drink. Usually we can find something in the closet for this occasion but this time I wanted to have a little shopping outing with the girls.

   After we are on our way about 5 minutes into the trip the girls are bickering. This doesn't happen often but sisters have to fight it out sometimes you know, it is in the handbook. So, I yell at the top of my lungs, ahem, I mean I very calmly belt out "We are here to have quality girl time, but if you all are not nice to each other I will turn this van right back around and go home!!!" Amazing the sweetness that flowed after this statement.  After all, shopping was on the horizon. We went to a thrift store which is a new found love of mine after a dear friend and homeschooling mom introduced me to it. After realizing what I can get for the money, I can't  go back. It is so satisfying to find a really cute, in-tact, ensemble for $4.

   The next part I am kicking myself about for not bringing the camera, but I will try my best to paint a picture for you. The Queen picked out all the fluffiest, sparkliest, feathery-est dresses because she's my flashy girl, she likes a little bling. I find a handful of dresses for the princess and we take over a dressing room. Princess was beside herself with girly glee, doing the hula dance every time she had a new dress on, and asking about "accessories" a word that she picked up on right away with shopping. She chose a totally 80's pearl barrette with lots of multicolored pearly strands hanging off. The Queen, much to my dismay, did NOT want my favorite of her choices, a black dress with white polka dots and red ruffles on the edges, but picked out a sparkly, chiffony black dress, still cute.  She is exhibiting more and more often, a sort of independence from me which I partially enjoy because I treasure her uniqueness, and am partially a tiny bit sad about (but not too much, don't worry).  She is growing up way too fast for me.
 Anyway, I digress.
   The time came to get ready. Princess is big on primping and allows me to get creative with her flowing blond hair. The Queen, whether she is going to a ball or outside to play always gives me the same response "ponytail, for me mom." (sigh) Oh the things I could do with that girl's hair if she would allow it, but I have learned my lesson. The one time I insisted she wear her hair down for a picture (and it was gorgeous) I have never stopped hearing about it.

Cuteness overflowing. I may be somewhat biased.

Meet Cuteness and Spunk. 

Their date arrives. Dashingly handsome, don't you think?
And the next few pictures is the story of what goes on when mom and dad are not around.
Woohoo! Partay!

That would be The Queen's hair flying in the hair. When her Dee Dee asked where she learned to dance like that her reply was "I just feel it, Dee Dee."
My girls dancin'.

You know, I am thinking of getting myself invited to this gig next year. Can't let them have ALL the fun.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Preschool with Sister Princess

I had no idea that when we named our 2nd girl after an attribute of God that it would be prophetic. But I have been amazed at all the blessings that flow from this little girl. Her birth was, though VERY fast, the easiest. She is always trying to help in any way she can. And to the topic of this entry, she can single handedly entertain her little brothers with very little assistance from me. Seriously. I can hardly believe it myself, but it happens time and time again. Take the other day for instance. I am helping the older kids with their schoolwork. JI is home on this day and not at MDO. Sometimes I worry about whether The Little Guy gets enough activity at home. He is a walking ball of energy that seems as though it could explode at any moment. I get a brief moment to check things out and find that the Princess has been running her own little preschool. It started with a sort of imaginary play game, I think it was a beach with sand and water....
All I know is at one point The Little Guy came in the kitchen with goggles on, smiling from ear to ear, wish I had gotten that picture. Anyway, then she had coloring time...
I can hear her saying "Good Job!! Now you get these colors. That's very nice." 
 Followed by snack time....
 I just have to point out that they are eating carrots from the bag on the counter. This boy NEVER eats carrots. He doesn't do vegetables unless there is a reward of a "treat" of some kind at the end. I promise I witnessed him chewing and swallowing carrots on his own. 
 Look at him, he is almost smiling! She has totally convinced him that he is enjoying this. All he needed to hear was her saying "mmm, yummy carrots, aren't they good? Have some more!!!" Amazing child.
And as I am typing this she is unloading the dishwasher by herself with a cheery disposition as usual.  She is a ray of sunshine everywhere she goes.

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