Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crazy Conversations

In the car on the way to Good Friday service:

Dad: (says something about how far we are driving to church)

the Queen: It's not like we are going to New Hamster.

The Eldest: Not New Hamster. New Hampshire.

The Queen: Oh.

Dad: I like that. New Hamster.

Me: I guess you would have to own a new hamster in order to live there.

(escalating giggling is occuring in the back)

Dad: Yea, but who determines what is "new"?

Me: "You are required to own a hamster no older than 3 months in order to live in New Hamster".

Dad: So, what happens to the old hamsters? There would be alot of hamsters running around.

Me: Yea, and people would try to change the standard of new, trying to pass new bills for an earlier cut-off of "new" and so on."

To give us credit, we did talk about good Friday all day at home, watch "Jesus of Nazareth" and pray the Stations of the Cross. So we were not all hamster jokes and giggles on Good Friday. Please, people. Shame on you for judging us.

Ok, one more conversation to share. While getting JI dressed this morning:

The Little Guy: Mom, Easter is soon right?

ME: Yes, very soon.

The Little Guy: and Easter is about Easter eggs, right?

Me: no, JI, Easter is about Jesus.

The Little Guy: no mom, Easter is about Easter eggs.

Me: no, It's about Jesus.

The Little Guy: Easter is not about easter eggs, but....Easter is about Easter eggs?

ME: Well, ok, Easter is about easter eggs, but ultimately (a perfect word for 4 yr olds, duh) the easter eggs are about Jesus.

The Little Guy: Easter is about Easter eggs or Jesus?

Me: both.

The Little Guy: Mom, (patting me very hard) Easter is about Jesus. (marches out)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Moment of Grace

Me: "Today is Palm Sunday and I want you all to be prepared for it. It is about Jesus entering Jerusalem and receiving adoration and praise from the people, but then receiving condemnation from them in their next breath."
The Queen: "I wonder why they changed so easily? I guess they started to believe other people's lies about him."
Me: "And he did not live up to their expectations of solving all their problems, they did not understand who he was and what he came for. We will also read the passion which is very long and goes from his trial to the crucifixion. I want you to try to think of how he suffered long hours on the cross for you, if you get tired of listening or standing."

The Queen: "Why did Jesus have to die like a sinner?"
Me: "Well, because my sin, and your sin, and daddy's sin, and the next door neighbor's sin, and the Israelites' sin thousands of years ago, and everybody who has ever sinned, was a great offense to God, or their sin was. God is so holy that, in order to satisfy justice, someone had to pay for these offenses. And the suffering and punishment was so bad that no human being could have taken it. So he did. He wanted us all to be able to go to heaven so he offered himself in our place."
The Queen: "I bet Mary loved Jesus. I bet she loved him very much."
Me: "Can you imagine? He was perfect."
The Queen: "I bet Mary never yelled at Jesus. I bet she never had to. I bet he loved prayer time. I bet it was his favorite thing."
Me: "He was the perfect child and she was the perfect mother, and um, only a perfect mother would never get impatient. (Ahem) Jesus did love prayer time, but he was also a normal little boy. I bet St. Joseph made him little wooden animals and toys, he played like a little boy too."
The Queen: "I bet Mary was really beautiful."
Me: "Just think, every beautiful person you have ever seen, God is responsible for that person's beauty because he is Beauty himself, so if he had the chance to create his own mother, don't you think he would have put his all into it? I don't think any statue or painting has ever been able to do her justice. There are many things I look forward to seeing in heaven, one of them is the face of the Blessed Mother."

This was one of those "moments of grace" over breakfast this morning. I thank God for these, because they remind me of why I love my life, having talks like this with my children.

You know what stood out to me in the reading of the passion today? Other than a few embarrassing mispronunciations by one of the readers, after I got over that, it struck me that Jesus, even on trial, didn't mince words, in fact, when the Sanhedrin questioned him trying to catch him in saying he was God, he not only did not shy away from speaking the truth but he laid it all out for them. "From now on you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of the Power and coming on the clouds of heaven." He was true to who he was even though he knew it would be bringing their condemnation upon him. So, step out of your comfort zone, don't worry about what others think, and live in the Truth. Have a blessed Holy Week.
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