Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reading with "the Little Guy"

I used this title because a few days ago when a friend was here helping me, my 4 yr. old saw some yogurt that she brought on the counter. He asked "What's that?" She said, "Oh, that's my yogurt." He said, pointing his authoritative finger at her, "YOU can eat your yogurt (insert her name), that's what the Little Guy says!" So, there you go, this blog is dedicated to....the Little Guy.

Reading with the Little Guy is like no experience I've had before with any of my other children. He has some sensory integration issues that make it difficult for him to cope with new things sometimes. He likes to know what to expect. So, on occasion he will let ME read a book to him, but often times, he prefers to tell me what he thinks the book is about, and I try to get a word in every once in a while. But, it is interesting what a 4 yr. old mind comes up with, without guidance. And, for the sake of the familiar, he gets stuck on a book and we read it every night for weeks, until he decides to move on to something else. So, recently, he has been stuck on an Easter book (I am going to get in trouble with my husband for this as we typically don't read seasonal books out of season, it's a sticking with the Liturgical season-thing). So anyway, we read this Easter book and he always gets disturbed on this page...

See the little boy in the back aggressively grabbing at Jesus' cloak? He always asks me what the little boy grabbing Jesus on the bottom- is doing. I try to explain that he wants to hug him because he loves him, but he doesn't buy it. Then there is the scene with dying easter eggs. He says the mom and dad are making a big mess. It does look that way doesn't it, and having a blast doing it...

Oh, and in this easter egg hunt, he doesn't get the girl in the bushes, he always says "what IS That?" Like, it can't be a girl, any NORMAL girl would be out with everyone else hunting for candy-filled eggs.

Then there is the "Summer Sticker book" that one of his siblings put together many years ago. He loves reading this, but on the first page there is a disturbing scene.

Notice the older panda is flying the toy airplane while the little one is in tears. His explanation? The mommy stole it from him. Really? She looks pretty happy too. Why is it that the MOMMY is the bad guy anyway? Why not the big sister or the grandmother?

I am actually more disturbed by this sight.

Why is there a boy riding his donkey in the ocean? But this doesn't concern him in the slightest.

He is still worried about the baby panda who's mean mommy stole his toy airplane. I guess I need to work on my image with him.

That's all for storytime today!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

At Zee Cafe...

 I love it when the kids come up with some kind of imaginary game out of the blue. It is a gratifying mom-moment when your children are doing something "educational" and you didn't lift a finger to bring it about. And, when these little moments of creativity manifest themselves, it is sheer delight to watch. Each additional child adds a little something unique to the picture.
I believe Angel Boy was the first customer.
But since he started being a disturber of the peace, turning over tables and such, he was redirected to make more signs for the cause...
Then it was decided that he might make a good cook in the kitchen, so he was put to work right away.
Look at him, slavin' away back there while his siblings enjoy the fruits of his labor.
Watch out folks, I think my oldest is about to chow down on something green, his heart full of gladness, a once in a lifetime moment you don't want to miss! No wait, it's just a green spoon, I knew it was too good to be true.

Poor baby, NOW he has to do clean-up crew, Phew, a baby's work is never done.

Well, I guess there is no need for me to cook, lots of full bellies stuffed with imaginary goodies. We'll see how well that goes over. ;)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Eatin' leaves and talkin' ta God

I can't believe the summer is almost over, or is I guess for a lot of schools and homeschoolers. My big summer plans included some redecorating, maybe some music lessons, arts and crafts, and lots of trips to the Y. However, "Tell God your plans and watch him laugh". I have been dealing with an illness, the full story you can read about here. I ended up being bedridden for most of the summer until a few weeks ago. And while my summer didn't turn out like I planned, I learned quite a bit. I learned that God holds the wheel at all times. Really. No Joke. I learned to become dependent on my mom, friends, husband and children. They learned to fix meals, put babies down for naps, and change diapers. Most importantly, I learned to be grateful for the little things.
Because of a restrictive diet, stevia is the only sweetener I eat right now. A good friend in our homeschool group gave me her stevia plant this summer. And while I do not have a green thumb (ok, that's an understatement), and am famous for killing plants, I have nurtured this baby well, so far. When I began to feel better and was out of bed more often, I had this need to sit outside alot, partly for a little peace, partly because I had been cooped up in the bedroom for weeks. So one day I went out there with the kids, and the stevia plant, and we prayed together. The kids went back inside, and I stayed, snacking on a stevia leaf now and then. My mother who was inside helping asked Princess what I was doing and she said very matter of factly "Oh she's just eatin' leaves, and talkin' ta God." We had a good laugh over it, but it became therapeutic, really. I set up my little chair and would sit there in the shade for a little while every day, with my stevia plant, and God. My mom and the kids decided to name it, Steve. Anyway, if you need me, I'll be outside, eatin' leaves, and talkin' to God.
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