Saturday, September 15, 2012


It's catch-up time with blogging! We have had 2 trips in the past month, that I have gotten ready for, and reaped the benefits from. The first was a weekend trip for my husband and son, their first ever Canoe/Camping Boy Scouts trip. This of course, left the rest of the crew with me. Things get a teensy bit lax when it is just mom in charge. Here is a little highlight of our time at home....

Meanwhile my husband and oldest son were out in the wild with lots of hairy men. (Did I say hairy?) Well, my first conversation with my husband about it went a little like this.

"What are you sleeping on?"
"They said just bring a sheet."
"A sheet?!! seriously? just a sheet on the ground?!"
"Yes, it's summer, it will be hot."
"What about noisemakers?"
"Sweetie, if we bring noisemakers we will be laughed at."
"How are you going to sleep?!"
"What about bathing?"
"I don't know about bathing."
"....I think I am better off not knowing anymore about this trip."

Amazingly, they survived, and came back having had a blast. And I was thanking God I was not a scout and never had been.

The second trip is one for the books. Because of my health problems, I don't sleep at night much, and ordinary stressful situations are much more wearing for me. My husband, seeing my need for rest, and wanting to visit his parents and grandfather who has cancer, decided to take ALL 5 KIDS with him to Florida for a week, leaving me at home. First time in a million years, I have been completely alone. I made a list about a mile long of all the things I have wanted to do but never get time to do, and I got about a third of it done. Thanks to my mean friend Kim, who came over and helped me declutter many closets in the house, by FORCING me to throw away things like my 12 yr. old son's playmat, or my 10 yr. old daughter's monogrammed baby towel, alot of organization occured. The rest of the time I listened to 80's and 70's music, danced, sang and slept in often. Oh yea, and I prayed, in complete and glorious silence, whenever I wanted to. And I skyped my family, alot. Because, I was lonely as heck. So they came back. But not before they had a blast.

Princess, kickin' it off in style at Magic Kingdom.

 The Classic Castle Pic

I'm thinking he's having a horrible time. I mean, it may look like he's having a blast, but deep down he misses his mommy, and he's homesick.

Ham-it-up boy with reluctant, embarrassed sister

Just one more serving of Ham for you...

Not sure where he gets it from. (My husband is actually a very attractive man. Just FYI)

Someone turned 12 while they were gone. Don't feel bad for me, I was on skype for the party. 

And I would show you pictures of all my immaculate closets, and me dancing to 70's music, but my husband had the camera, and the closets are all probably back to being a mess by now anyway. As is my immaculately cleaned house the day before they returned. BORING. Dirt and noise is the new fabulous. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Homeschooling with the Little Guy

Up until this year, the Little Guy has been going to Preschool locally. I decided to try homeschooling him this year so that he and I could work together more ( I am a glutton for punishment) and so that he could be more a part of our family life with the rest of his siblings.

Yesterday I was teaching him some of our traditional prayers, and at one point we talked about how Mary is the mother of God. But he had a hard time connecting that Jesus was God AND her son. At least it seemed he did. Then today I was teaching him the before meal blessing which goes like this "Bless us oh Lord and these thy gifts which we are about to receive from thy bounty through Christ our Lord, Amen." He kept saying "which we are about to eat" which was cute, but when I was trying to explain what "thy bounty" meant, that God owns everything, and gives us what we need he said very thoughtfully, "I think he gives us food from his pouch." "From his pouch?!" I said."Yea,....or maybe he gets some from Mary's pouch." By that statement he showed that he understood the following things:

Mary is the mother of God
God has a stash
God shares his stash with his mother

Why do I worry?!

My other favorite part about school with him today is I kept promising the reward of reading a book called "Dangerous Animals" if he paid attention during letters and numbers time. When we finally got to it (an Usborne Young Reader) he was mesmerized. After every description I read to him though of predator/prey scenarios, he would add "and there was blood all over his mouth."

As we finished our nighttime prayers and he was all snuggled up next to me, I whispered "I had fun doing school with you today." and he replied, "I had fun going to Disney with Dad." Don't ya just love him?

Homeschooling with the Little Guy

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