Sunday, February 22, 2015

Why Movies like "50 Shades of Grey" Break My Heart

There are many things I am passionate about, some I share online, some I choose not too. Sometimes I simply feel I don't have the time I need to sufficiently write about whatever it is I care about so much, because I have decided that the most important thing in my life right now is everything that has to do with raising my children. And parenthood can be one, big, sticky mess sometimes. It is hard work. It takes everything I have, and sometimes what I don't have. But the longer I am a parent the more I see what priceless treasures my children are, loaned only for a short time. The longer I am a parent the more I feel the weight of "giving all I have" for this job. Because the world out there is getting pretty tough to live in. And it's their world. God chose this time for them to live in. This gives me hope, at times, because of the gifts I know they have to share with the world, and I feel excited to see them grow and learn and come into their own person. But it also causes me great distress, when I see our society support and produce movies such as this. I have been blessed with 2 girls, double blessings. What I want them to know above all else about their identity is: They are cherished. They deserve the best. Their dignity is in who they are, and Whose they are (God's) not what they do or what they look like. They are daughters of the King of Kings, princessses in His kingdom, always. This means, they should expect to be treated like a lady.

Movies are a part of our culture, and what we take in forms our thoughts and feelings, and in some way can influence our decisions. I cringe at the thought of how this movie and others like it will form the minds and hearts of young and old. I will from the forefront say I have not seen this movie nor will I ever see it. I should not be expected to. But an individual can look online and get the basic story line, and just a few lines should be enough to upset anyone who cares about the dignity of women.

This morning as I was driving back from taking my son to school, I was praying about this, and to the point of tears, my heart was so sad! What I want to say to all women and girls just as I would say to my own daughters when the time is right, is this: You deserve better. You do not deserve to be treated like an object. You do not deserve to be used or abused in any way, verbally, physically, or sexually. You deserve to be cherished by individuals, men, and our society. You deserve to be loved for who you are. You deserve to be respected. What I want to say to all men and to my sons when the time is right is: You were made to be better than this. A truely strong and brave man will love, cherish and respect women, and stand up against this culture when it doesn't, the way you want your sisters and your mom to be treated, the way you want your future daughters and wife to be treated.

Fathers have such a powerful influence on their daughters and sons. I know from my own childhood, the way I saw my dad treat my mother and the way he treated me, made me not want to settle for anything less than a gentleman and taught me a lot about how I should expect to be treated. I hope with all my heart if my daughters do marry, they will find someone who cherishes them, and who has chosen not to be formed by a culture that degrades women.
My baby girl, once a princess always a princess

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Love Wins

My children teach me so much. I am so grateful for their individual personalities and perspectives on the world. Today I picked up my oldest girl, the Queen, who was attending a babysitting training class all day. We spent the afternoon together running some errands and shopping. On the drive home somehow our conversation went from the safety precautions they taught her to consider in a babysitting job for herself and for the children, to why do people do bad things, to current evils of our society. She said it seemed to her that there was a lot less evil way back in time than there is now. I answered that sin has been around since Adam and Eve. She responded "but mom, Love has been around much longer than sin. Love has been around since God has, because He is Love. and that's what I have to say about all of that." In light of some of the seemingly hopeless situations in our world right now, it was exactly what I needed to hear.
Love Wins

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