Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Loch Ness Monster and the Mysterious...

   Every family has certain tendencies, a more positive word would be "charisms". Well, perhaps I should say all people have certain tendencies, some more or less desirable than others. Some of my children have a tendency to obsess over things, for certain periods of time. It could be a few weeks to a year, to several years. Obsessions are not all bad. After all, it was my husband's obsession to discover the fullness of the truth that led him to the Faith. It was my eldest son's obsession with reading (I used to find books "hidden" everywhere, under the bathroom sink, in the crevices of his bed, around his carseat...) that led him to score so high in language arts consistently, and become a good writer. My husband has taught me that if I reject the obsessions, it will only lead them to obsess more, not less. And anyway, If I'm lucky and I don't want to hear about a certain obsession for an undesirable length of time, it will only last a few weeks.

   The Little Guy is currently obsessed, with cryptids. My 16 yr. old went through this obsession possibly about the same age and still relishes a conversation or book about the topic from time to time. But, if you are at my house and trying to get up early on a Sunday morning to sneak a quiet luxurious breakfast by yourself on your due date for number 6, like I was this morning, stay in bed. Just kidding. God just has different plans for me sometimes.

   As he expounds on the possible mysterious and undiscovered creatures out there that could be lurking around the corner, and at the same time asks me over and over "Do you think it's possible? Huh? Do you think it's real?" I, as a theology major, and well, just a mom, am always thinking "How does God and the soul fit into all of this?" So to the questions he poses, here are my off-the-cuff answers.

"Why do you think God would create such a creature, if he did?"
"Everything he created was created for His glory, and out of His goodness. Also if he didn't, what would you have to talk about this morning to me?"

"If he did create these things, I'm scared of them."
"If he did create them, the same God created you, loves you, and cares for you. That's the only thing you need to dwell on, ultimately."

   I was formulating a speech about how our curiosity for the mysterious is actually a reflection of our deeper inner quest for the ultimate "mysterious and unknown" which is God himself. That while He, I believe, gives us these mysteries, to excite our imagination, and give us something to learn about, the ultimate search for the mysterious and deep can only truly be satisfied in Himself- of Whom the quest for is never ending and in its mystery and depth, inexhaustible. Alas, he was onto another obsession, directing his little brother.  (His little brother had cleverly escaped this conversation and retreated into another room for his own session of imaginary play, while his older brother was occupied.) I (shhh) meanwhile, sneak back into my own retreat, the bedroom, for perhaps another dose of sleep, before the next round of soul-searching questions comes.  

Friday, January 22, 2016

A Special Christmas Present

I wrote the majority of this less than a month ago, and had planned to wait longer to post, but today being the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, and seeing some of my dear friends at the March for Life, I thought it would be an appropriate time. I'm not standing out in the cold marching for the unborn, but I'm contributing in my own little way, I hope....

I have to write this today, before I forget all the things that have happened over the last few days! But I won't be able to share until later. Hence the later post date. And I have to start with this. This has always been a favorite of my husband and me, an old Bob Carlisle song (side note: I hear a lot about how my Christian music favorites are "ancient" lately from some teenagers in my house.) But I digress. Have a listen...

It's true. I've been dreamin' bout babies. for a while now. I know, I already have 5 how could I possibly want more?! I can't explain except that, once you open your heart to life, and see the wonder of what God can do as a result, it's hard to not want to experience it all over again, morning sickness, labor, poopy diapers and all. Each of my children in their own unique way has added depth and beauty to our family. But for many reasons, we were putting family planning on hold, temporarily, maybe permanently. My health problems after the birth of Angel Boy were a big factor. I have been doing a lot better though, than I was. We have had some funny family jokes too over the years, about there being another invisible sibling. Often times my kids will accidentally set the table for 1 extra. And my husband would refer to it as "Aloyius". He would say "oh Aloysius needs some water." Sometimes Aloysius even gets blamed for stuff. Poor child. And then there was the "mistake" my husband made when he nailed up all the hooks for our Christmas stockings. He got done and said "Oh, I put 6 up there. instead of 5." I smiled in my heart. Every year we have put up an extra stocking, just, because. I started to suspect there might be a bun in the oven this Christmas, and could hardly WAIT to test. It was constantly on my mind. Christmas day, ironically, my mom put this in my husband's stocking at their house:
Special Christmas Present on the Feast of the Holy Family!
Recognize it? ;)
Then on the feast of the Holy Family, I found out, I was in fact, expecting. I cried tears of joy! All current hardships melted away and nothing else mattered, except the new life God had placed inside me. Then on the way to mass that afternoon, I saw this:
Seriously. A Baby and a rainbow. Perfect. 

The only thing is, I had the girls in the car with me, could give no explanation of the reason for my tears, and had to keep a secret! Pretty much impossible with those 2. I managed to until New Year's Eve. We talked about how to tell the kids and my husband worked all day on a puzzle for them to put together that told them the news.  It took a while for them to assemble, but the final picture told them that number 6 was on the way. When they put it together, the Little Guy first said, "Wait mom, no doctor has said you're pregnant! what does this mean?!" and The Eldest who figured it out first, and had had his hand over his mouth for several minutes, said " (Little Guy), how many kids are in this family?" He answered "Um, 8?" Hilarious. I lose count too sometimes ;). Then it slowly started to dawn on each of them, and smiles began to creep on each of their faces. The Little Guy had told me a long time ago that he was asking God for me to have another baby every mass after he received communion, (melted this mama's heart). So he exclaimed, "Mom! God answered my prayer!" and Angel Boy said, "I love Babies! They are So cute!" We made an effort to keep it secret for a short while, but the next Sunday, Angel Boy blurted out to our Youth Minister "Mom's having a baby!" And during mass, The Little Guy kept pointing to my stomach over and over and back at the picture of Mary and baby Jesus on the program, and smiling. He is my baby that was born on this day, and ironically, he has been the most consumed with the growth of the baby in my womb, asking me almost every day "what size is the baby now mom? What's the baby doing?" But for those of you who have not picked up on it yet or been the recipients of excited siblings' hints, we are pregnant!! :)  

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Handwriting Without Tears Jam

My boys' favorite part of Handwriting Without Tears curriculum, is the music. They BEG me to listen to the songs. They get their wiggles out and The Little Guy gets some heavy work in for his SPD by picking up Angel Boy and pulling his arms off  dancing with him (poor fella, what he puts up with). He is actually about to move out of HWT, a big step for him, but I am sure he will be dancing and singing the songs with us for a while still. The music teaches them various concepts about their handwriting curriculum, but for kids' school music, is pretty well done I think. It keeps their interest. Occasionally I join in, but there is, alas, no video of such instances. Not sure how I missed those opportunities. So without further ado, I give you, The Alphabet Boogie.....

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